At its simplest Cobh Poetry Jukebox is high quality speaker set in a robust steel tube with buttons to allow the user to select a poem or other short form of creative spoken word to listen to. The speaker is powered by the user turning the handle.

In reality it is so much more.

Cobh Poetry Jukebox brings poetry to the heart of Cobh. It is intended to site Cobh Poetry Jukebox in an easily accessible central location where locals and visitors alike will be able to enjoy it.

The content will be organised in what are called ‘curations’. A curation is a recorded collection of poems or short form creative spoken word.

These curations are limited only by the imagination of the contributors. It is intended to ensure that your Jukebox provides the people of Cobh the opportunity to listen to professional poets and artists reading both orginal and classic works, yet also to provide a platform for local creatives, and most especially for local schools.

It is intended to collaborate with other national and international organisations who might be seeking to share their own curations.

It is also possible to transport the Jukebox to other locations in the town and harbour area to support special events, festivals, and commemorations.

The possibilities to bring people together and support the local community through poetry and the spoken word, truly are endless.