Cobh Poetry Jukebox is bringing poetry to the very heart of the most beautiful seaside town in Ireland.

Cobh Poetry Jukebox is a non-profit community group who aims to deliver this community project, which is all about poetry and the creative spoken word, to Cobh. Poetry can and should be freely accessible for everyone to enjoy.

On this site you can find out a little more about the Cobh Poetry Jukebox project as it progresses, and how we aim to work with Quotidian – Word on the Street to bring this amazing project, as a permanent feature, to Cobh.

UCD Poetry as Commemoration – Poetry Jukebox
Cobh Promenade.

As the year draws to a close to an end we have begun work to make this dream a reality in 2023.

With your help and support, we can work together to build a home for Cobh Poetry Jukebox.